ED Software - Z2IDP

A program for initial data processing (data reduction), hence the "IDP" abbreviation. It processes scanned images of photographic films with recorded diffraction patterns, patterns obtained using Fujifilm Image Plate technology, and raw diffraction pattern data obtained from a CCD camera. Z2IDP aims to be a universal program for GED data reduction, supporting different types of detectors and allowing to process data from different GED apparatuses.

The program makes possible to take into account the following: (a) correction for pixel dimensions (i.e. divergence of the actual resolution from the specified one), (b) scanner response function, (c) photomaterial response function ("blackness" correction), and (d) treatment of possible unevenness of the observed wavelength of electrons (deviations of diffraction pattern from the radial symmetry).

Z2IDP is written in C++ with use of GNU Scientific Library and Qt toolkit.


Version 0.3.1 for Windows (14.4 MB)

Version history

Z2IDP 0.3 "Made in Edinburgh"

Support for processing diffraction patterns obtained using Image Plate technology has been added.

Z2IDP 0.2 "Almost omnivore"

In this version support for processing raw diffraction pattern data obtained from a CCD camera has been added.

KIDP 0.1 "Unnamed yet"

These are earlier versions under working "KIDP" name, which were intended for internal use, and supported processing of scanned images of photographic films only.